In this post, Prof. Nordhielm said that “The Super Bowl, with its media hype and legions of drunken viewers, is no place for a serious social marketing message.” I think of a related, but successful example, a English Education Agency called LaoLuo in China marketed itself on a major Rock Music Festival. Please see

Basically, the storyline of the commercial is this: many Chinese rock music fans listen to a lot of English songs, however, they hear nothing but “F” words. So, why not try to improve your English at LaoLuo English Education Agency?

What I learn from this commercial is, although education doesn’t seem to be a serious topic on a Rock Music Festival at first glance, one can always find a way to relate his or her message to the context, thus appealing to spectators.

PS: It was not LaoLuo’s intention to put an commercial at such festival. The reason was the CEO of LaoLuo got a chance accidentally to market on this festival for free. What he did was to leverage such an opportunity to promote his brand.


In this talk, she identified the pits some of the marketers fell into. such as preaching-like tag line, trust, care or responsibilities, none of which seems to appear when a person is on his way to buy condoms. She gave example of for-profit style of selling condoms, most of the ads are aspirational–the key elements are force, power, sexy figures on the package and etc.