Module 4 STP

Plotting the market according the main variable(MV) and dynamic variable(DV). MV is defined the category leader, which is the non 3R vehicle components manufacturer. here is high quality, endurability, these benefits we must have. Dynamic variable is the benefit on which we are leverage to acquire the customers–ease of use, low cost, high residual value, energy efficient and environmental friendly.

Although the strategic focus is Acquisition / Stimulate demand, STP tools can serve as an illustration of  the perception and importance of the key features we have and the features and existing players have. The Graph is from a industry incubator perspective. As Prof. Nordielm said, Big giants always keep an eye on this emerging threats, and tend to neutralize them as early as possible.

Targeted Audience:


After reviewed by Prof. Nordhielm, I found I fell into the pit of putting too many benefits into a the 5 box, the “…and..” plague. Each campaign can only have a positional benefit. Any vague message are supposed to be dismissed by target audience.

When it comes to the targeted audience description, Prof. Nordhielm warns that the persona should be neither too easy or too hard to change. Therefore, the “Mini Cooper” in previous version is changed to Toyota Prius, a hybrid vehicle, which indicate the targeted audience have some consideration on the environment, thus more likely to adopt reusable, recyclable and eco-friendly vehicle.

To be in tune with the change in the 5 box and targeted audience, the message and support type is changed accordingly. To stress on the ease of maintenance with 2R components, drama and story-telling of current customer seem to be a good approach.

One more consideration: to be distinguished from for profit model, social venture model should put more emphasis on social value. However, one would not buy a eco-friendly product simply because it protects the earth. Thus, I suggest pin down the utilitarian role– the ease in maintenance –in the first campaign which is characterized by acquisition and behavior change from “NO” to “YES”.


The five box:

The perception should be supported by the experiments, and expert testimonials to pull the potential customers from the distrust toward 2R vehicle components.


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