Module 2 Market Objective

The customer definition with three ovals capture the potential customers’ attitude toward this recyclable, reusable, long-lasting, high-residue value vehicle. Environmentalist is very likely to be the first adopter the new product, or consume such vehicle. In the peripheral oval, long-lasting tend to be the benefit that acquire non-category customers, then high residue value is the benefit that tends to lock in the acquired customers.

Below is the first draft of Customer def. After the discussion with founder of the social venture Daniel, the highest benefit and value to the customer would be the high residual value. This is the buzzword–your car’s value can be up to 35% of the original price even after ten-year-usage. Further since we plan position on the residual value on the an entire vehicle, so the components, which have low added-value comparing to an entire vehicle do not seem to be a good idea.

ImageBelow is the Customer Life Value calculation. The assumptions are below

Based on these assumption, CLV can be calculated.Image


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