Some thoughts on “Superbowl and Social Marketing”

In this post, Prof. Nordhielm said that “The Super Bowl, with its media hype and legions of drunken viewers, is no place for a serious social marketing message.” I think of a related, but successful example, a English Education Agency called LaoLuo in China marketed itself on a major Rock Music Festival. Please see

Basically, the storyline of the commercial is this: many Chinese rock music fans listen to a lot of English songs, however, they hear nothing but “F” words. So, why not try to improve your English at LaoLuo English Education Agency?

What I learn from this commercial is, although education doesn’t seem to be a serious topic on a Rock Music Festival at first glance, one can always find a way to relate his or her message to the context, thus appealing to spectators.

PS: It was not LaoLuo’s intention to put an commercial at such festival. The reason was the CEO of LaoLuo got a chance accidentally to market on this festival for free. What he did was to leverage such an opportunity to promote his brand.

  1. I agree that you can always find a way to tailor your message to the audience. However, given the expense of a super bowl ad, I would have to argue that a social cause is probably better suited to a more cost effective venue, and we might leave expensive (primarily awareness focused) ads to luxury brands or high velocity items like Cars or CPG products.

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