Session 2 Summary

1. The lecture demystified the organization culture to some extent. Some blame a poor organization culture for the failure of a strategy. Indeed, core competence should saturated throughout the organization culture because the successful implementation of a strategy requires the  alignment of strategy of each department involved. Core competence by no means resides in a single department.

2. The concept of Orphaned Strategic Assets. Strategic Assets can not be sustainable if there is a core competence to map with. Like all resources, taking more than it can bears soon leads to depletion.

3. Align Product Portfolio with Market Objective (Acquisition or Retention) and assign priority and importance to each component. This is particular useful for me since I am working on project featured rebuildable, recyclable vehicle components.  It seems plausible to have various components according to the difficulties of they can be implemented, how destructive they would be to the current market, how much monetary and societal value they can create, how easy they grab the market, how easy they is able to sustain the development (retention).  For this part, I shall consult with the project initiator.


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