Project Description: Vehicle Design Based on the Circular Economy System

By Daniel Couttolenc

We live in a linear economy system where we take, we use and we dispose things creating a lot of waste in the process and at the end. Ideally a circular economy is where things don’t create waste which is the way nature works. A circular economy also refers to rethinking products so that they are designed with two types of materials: biological nutrients designed to reenter the biosphere safely and technical materials, which are designed to circulate without being disposed. There are a couple of possible ways to design a product with this type of materials. The first one is to design a product materials that decompose (biological nutrients) and over time it will turn into dust. The second way is to design a product with high quality materials (Technical materials) that are long-lasting, rebuildable, recyclable and/or reusable so they circulate without being disposed.

To design a car that creates absolutely no waste or pollution during its lifecycle is unrealistic but my design solution will explore alternative ways to create a cleaner car.

  1. Just so I am clear in the project… the idea is to create a car design with little to no waste, correct?

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