Module 1 Business Objective

1. Fundamental Entity–who are we, what business are we in?

  • Category Description
    Recyclable, Reusable, Rebuildable (3R) vehicle
  • Brand Line
    Umbrella Branding
  • Product Portfolio
    C.E. Car

2. Core Competence–what are we good at?

3. Goal–Where are we going?Positional Benefit: High residual value. Who don’t want a car which worth up to 35% percent of the original price even after 10-year-driving?

  • 100% percent market share of 3R eco-friendly vehicle
  • 50% revenue growth

Based on market research, currently there is no vehicle company that can produce a fully 3R car, thus we expected in 100% percent market share of 3R eco-friendly vehicle category. The job here is to ACQUIRE non-category users to this category. We define main variable, we are the benchmark in this category.


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